SD Safe Sources

A site for pictures to use on


Welcome to SD Safe Sources, a place where you can find safe websites or photo albums  courtesy of other users at  These images may be used to make graphics including banners, dividers, Personal Pictures (PPs), General Pictures (GPs), and others of the sort.  Make sure you either post the credits on your banner making post or include them on your banners (which is preferred).  Please don't use other user's photos from their albums for another site without their permission, as they've given permission for them to be used on Showdog in general. 

If you would like to contribute your photos to this collection, private message Dogs of Rockwood the link to the album or pictures and who to credit.  This would be greatly appreciated, the more images the better. 

The website is going to be fixed up a lot more.  If there are any images that are no longer working, please let me know.

*This website was created by Amy at Simply Wonderful and Cassie at Dogs of Rockwood.*